Sweetheart Video Releases Lesbian Art Film 'Angel'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Sweetheart Video is set to release Angel, a "lesbian art film" starring real-life couple Alex Mackay and Zoey Stone. 

"This movie plays more like an independent film than a porn movie," said writer/director Nica Noelle. "The sex is authentic, the storyline is complex, and the performances are gritty and real."

Angel is loosely based on the off-camera relationship between Mackay and Stone.

"I discovered Alex Mackay when she was working at my local grocery store," Noelle said. "She had such tremendous presence; I couldn’t stop looking at her. Finally, I found the courage to ask her if she’d like to perform. Alex and Zoey had to overcome many obstacles in their relationship, but they clearly have this tremendous, resilient love. I wanted the film to show the depth of their emotion and passion for each other."

Angel co-stars Noelle, Satine Phoenix, Sinn Sage, Berlin, and newcomer Indigo Sweet. The movie also features a surprise appearance by porn actor/director Manuel Ferrara, who performs a softcore sex scene with Noelle in the role of her cheating boyfriend.

"We were so honored that Manuel agreed to be part of this unusual film," Noelle said. "He brought a great deal of star power to the role."

Angel is available now. For more information and sales, contact Jon B or Wilma G at (800) 363-0133