Sweet Sinner Director Nica Noelle on 'Nightline' Thursday

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Sweet Sinner director Nica Noelle’s interview with late night news program Nightline airs Thursday, June 11 at 11:35 p.m. on the ABC network. The program takes a look at adult entertainment marketed towards women.

“I was really surprised when they contacted me,” said Noelle. “At first I thought it was some kind of a joke, because I know Nightline is a serious news program.”

Sweet Sinner is a new boy/girl imprint from Mile High Media. The studio is owned by Jon B, who releases girl/girl videos through the top-rated Sweetheart Video label. Sweet Sinner launched earlier this year, making their DVD market debut with The Stepmother. Noelle is the studio’s exclusive director.

Noelle said Nightline producers contacted her after coming across the Sweet Sinner brand numerous times during their research.

“My name kept coming up, as did the Sweet Sinner line,” explained Noelle. “Even though we’re a new studio, apparently our movies have made a big impression.”

Nightline also interviews industry vet Candid Royalle.

“Candida paved the way for the rest of us,” said Noelle. “The producers told me they wanted to show us both, sort of a 'passing of the torch' thing. I was honored they chose me to represent the future of female-friendly porn.”

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