Sweet Sinema's 'Last Tango' Goes Miles High

MONTREAL — Bernardo Bertolucci’s Last Tango in Paris shocked movie-goers in 1972 with its frank and unapologetic portrayal of that forbidden lust, violence and angst that accompanies the affair of an American widower and a young, soon-to-be-wed Parisian. So daring was its treatment of the subject matter, that the film earned an X-rating until it was edited to an NC-17 in 1997 and R in 1981. 

Sweet Sinema’s third release, Last Tango intends to take the movie that featured the now-iconic Marlon Bando/Maria Schneider butter scene to a new level of explicit. 

Of course, the new studio’s specialty is XXX re-imaginings of Hollywood classics and Last Tango is just the latest interpretation with an adult makeover.

French adult superstars Katsuni and Manuel Ferrara are joined by James Deen and Annie Cruz in the updated erotic manifestation in which 

In Last Tango, beautiful but reserved Katsuni is looking for a secret apartment where she can escape from her arrogant fiancée, Deen. When Katsuni shows up to view a vacant space, she finds herself entranced by a brooding, mysterious stranger. Finding themselves alone, Katsuni and Ferrara plunge into an impulsive affair founded on raw, anonymous sex.  But as they fall in love with their fantasies of one other, a grim reality becomes increasingly unavoidable. 

Written and directed by Nica Noelle, the release shows its ambitions by being billed as packing “haunting, explicit sex scenes and emotionally rich performances” intended to “change the way adult film is viewed forever.”  

“Sweet Sinema offers an intriguing alternative to the parody craze,” observes Mile High Media vice president, Jon Blitt. “Movies like Last Tango are intense and passionate variations on Hollywood classics. Rather than poking fun of the originals, we are embracing the concept, while improving the erotic nature. Consumers have responded very favorably and Sweet Sinema’s first two releases are two of Mile High’s best-selling titles.” 

Fatal Seduction, a classic cinematic tale of a one-night stand that quickly descends from erotic to bone chilling, was the studio’s first release. Starring Amy Fischer, Katsuni and Evan Stone round out the dangerous love triangle. 

Six ½ Weeks was the studio’s sophomore effort, starring Inari Vachs and Manuel Ferrara in a timeless tale of desire and sexy mental manipulation.

Like its sister studios, Sweetheart Video and Sweet Sinner, Sweet Sinema is developed with couples in mind, promising real lovemaking, real orgasms. complex stories, well-developed characters and intense sexual performances. 

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