Sweet Sinema Reveals Cast of 1st Release, 'Fatal Seduction'

(Pictured: Katsuni and Amy Fisher in a scene from Fatal Seduction)

MONTREAL—New adult studio Sweet Sinema is pleased to reveal the cast of its first release, Fatal Seduction. Adult stars Amy Fisher and Katsuni lead the stellar cast, which includes Evan Stone and Xander Corvus. Appearing in non-sex roles are Melissa Monet, Danny, Wolf Hudson, Savina and Mark Wood.

Fatal Seduction was written and directed by erotica mistress Nica Noelle. Nica is the creative head of top studios, Sweetheart Video, Sweet Sinner Films and Sweet Sinema.

Infusing passion, chemistry and desire in a perfect blend of couples-friendly erotica, fulfilling the desires of audiences and going where the silver screen never dared, Sweet Sinema is the most recent adult studio to launch from Mile High Media. Acting as a unique interpreter of Hollywood's classic movies, Sweet Sinema is an alternate to the plethora of parodies flooding the market, and will place adult entertainment's best actors in the midst of complex stories with hot sex. The new studio is fueled by Nica's renowned ardor for sensual stories and real sex, while embodying the essence of Hollywood's most treasured classic films.

In Fatal Seduction, Amy Fisher plays Anna Falkner, a sexy but troubled journalist who goes after what she wants no matter who she has to hurt. After a brief affair with her interview subject, Evan, Anna decides she is not ready to let go. Lust turns to obsession, as Anna goes to any dangerous length to possess the man she desires.

"Sweet Sinema is about story and acting first," Noelle stated. "The right words delivered in the perfect manner are often as sexy as naked bodies. Combine all of it, and viewers get our erotic visions of some of the best movies ever made. We're not trying to make better versions, but we are trying to cater to the sex-centered fantasies many people are left with after watching their favorite movies."

Like its sister studios Sweetheart Video and Sweet Sinner, Sweet Sinema is developed with couples in mind, providing real lovemaking and real orgasms. The captivating features will go further than any R-rated film is allowed. Each movie couples thrilling and seductive stories with intense sexual performances.

An "On the Set" look at Fatal Seduction will be posted on AVN.com shortly, as will a gallery of 3D photos from the shoot.