Sweet Entertainment Goes Global With PasswordByPhone

Life just got sweeter for Sweet Productions Inc., the production and content arm of Sweet Entertainment Group.

The company has joined forces with altbilling processor PasswordbyPhone, taking them global in 36 languages.

“We are now making money from countries we did not even know existed,” says Max Sweet, owner of Sweet Entertainment. “The geo-targeting together with global processing makes a potent combination. Money talks, in every language.”

The call-to-action is in Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, French, Polish, Portuguese, Thai, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish, Philippine, Swedish, Hebrew, German, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovakian, Japanese, Malaysian, Albanian, Indonesian, and English.

“We host the geo-targeted front end and send pay sites paying customers only,” says Marc Jarrett, PasswordbyPhone’s business development manager. “Alternatively, webmasters can simply send their international traffic to one of our many good-to-go consumer facing websites.”