Swedish Vets Say Bestiality Bad for Animals

Bestiality leads to the injuries of approximately 200 and 300 pets a year in Sweden, according to a report by Norway’s TV2.

The estimate was presented by Svenska Veterinärforbundet, the Swedish veterinary organization, in an attempt to publicize the animals suffering. The organization claims the problem has increased during the last couple of years, even if most people are unaware of it.

“We have seen an increase since 1999 when child pornography became illegal,” Johan Beck-Friis told TV2. “It appears, in other words, as there are some people who have replaced children with animals. In both circumstances, it is sex with defenseless individuals.”

The apparent psychological motivation of practitioners of bestiality isn’t the only similarity the practice has to child molestation - injuries inflicted on animals abused by bestiality are similar to the injuries that children get – the most common injuries being wounds on the sex organs and blisters.

In Sweden, where bestiality has been decriminalized since 1944, the number of bestiality videos in stores and on Websites has dramatically increased in the past few years.

Bestiality is only illegal in some states in the United States. However, it is widely believed that bestiality tapes are considered a high risk for obscenity prosecutions.