Suze Randall Returns to Video This Week

After an 18-year hiatus from video, legendary adult photographer and AVN Hall of Famer Suze Randall is releasing Addicted to Sex this week.

“I had forgot how exciting shooting video was,” Randall told “When we shot back in the ’80s, everything was 16mm and big budgets for Reuben Sturman and we were running from vice all the time, which added to the pressure. It was fun, but it’s a lot simpler and easier now.”

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Randall’s resume goes back to 1975, when she became a staff photographer at Playboy. She later held the same position at Hustler. More recently she has been known for the photos that have appeared in Penthouse and on her AVN Award-winning site

For Addicted to Sex, Randall shares directing credit with daughter Holly Randall, who was seven when Mom’s last video, Sky Foxes, was released in 1986.

“I felt kind of embarrassed in the beginning going back to video, I thought I was just an old fart in this,” Suze said, “but Holly works with me and she’s shooting camera and she’s great. She’s got such a good eye and it’s important to be behind the camera if you’re going to direct, you gotta be part of it. I’m so excited to have her working the camera and I think it’s more appropriate, same as me with the stills, to have a woman behind the camera. It’s less offensive and threatening.”

The younger Randall, 25, has been following her mother’s footsteps, working for her parents since she was 20. She attended the legendary Brooks Institute of Photography and graduated from UCLA with a degree in World Literature last year. An accomplished photographer in her own right, Holly told that shooting video is much different than shooting stills.

“The video set is a lot more erotic, a lot more fluid, because people are actually performing,

they’re actually working,” she said. “On a stills set you have to stop so you can get the shot; whenyou’re shooting video you actually get into the set, you get right underneath the people, you get in there where you can smell it, it’s a lot more intimate.”

The Randalls are known for taking ultra-glamorous shots of the adult industry’s hottest stars, and many of those elements are being incorporated into their video ventures.

“It’s so easy to get into soap opera porn with a story and who gives a shit?” Suze said. “My situation is that I bring the models in to shoot stills, that’s my job and I shoot for the internet, so I bring them in and I do the stills and I can spend money on sets, but it’s a stills shoot and we can cover that in videos and we cover the girl being shot on her own and we interview her and we cut it all together with fast-cutting, so you get to know the girl before the actual sex. But we

don’t stay with that fast-cutting throughout the whole bloody movie, you get into the pure intensity and passion of the sex. But you get to know the girl. Like with Katsumi, she’s wonderful, she’s talking to you, saying things … boy … amazing girl.”

Addicted to Sex stars Katsumi, Cytherea, Fallon Summers, Jana Cova, Cherry Rain, Sophie Evans, Lanny Barbie, Anais Alexander, Toni Ribas, Nacho Vidal and Ben English.

“The girl on the cover is Lanny Barbie and I just love her,” Suze said. “I shot so much on her this last time [she was in town] because I didn’t want anyone else to shoot her. I’m exhausted – I’ve been shooting her every day just to keep her to myself! To me, she’s like my brunette Marilyn Monroe, she is a true beauty and such a sexy girl and such a great focus and such a great sense of humor and the more I shoot her the better she becomes. She’s blossoming. This scene with Nacho is a really hot scene. She’s so lovely.

“I hope I can keep it up, because the whole bloody DVD is full of great girls. Cherry Rain with Tony Ribas and Sophia, and she’s such a bombshell. Tony and Sophia are two of my favorites, but with Cherry it’s just too much. I have Anais, the Michael Ninn contract girl, in there, Michael let me use her, she’s in there with Jana Cova, who is divine.”

Suze is also helping organize an industry meeting that will focus on how the industry will deal with issues following the recent HIV scare. She said that she’s already making some changes for her own shoots.

“I’m going to use condoms,” Suze said. “It’s going to make it a little harder, but I try to put people together that have a passionate encounter anyway, and I don’t think condoms, with the right casting, are going to be a problem. And obviously we’ll spend a lot more time in foreplay, and that’s not a bad idea; we keep sticking these dicks in holes and you can’t see what’s going on. So I think it’s a great thing. It kind of slows things down a bit. It’s been such a feeding frenzy.”

Addicted to Sex streets this week. For ordering information, contact Pure Play Media at 866.820.3000. To view more of Suze Randall’s work, go to or For Holly Randall, go to For Pure Play Media, check out