Suze Randall Publishes Fetish Divas

Legendary erotic photographer Suze Randall has just published, Fetish Divas, her first book of photography since the 1980s.

Suze’s daughter Holly Randall, who put together Fetish Divas, told that the book “occasionally dips back into the ’80s, though the majority of the work is pretty current.”

Fetish Divas is a glossy coffee table book that features everyone from Jenna Jameson to Silvia Saint to Aria Giovanni, as well as many more beautiful women in the 144-page book.

Peter W. Czernich of Marquis, a European fetish magazine that published the book, said, “As a devoted Randall fan, it was a dream come true to do the book. Suze Randall's photos are icons of fetishism. They show the essence of sex in a glamorous and stylish way which is presentable on a coffee table – well, maybe not everybody's coffee table.”

“I was so pleased when I saw the final result,” Suze Randall, who began shooting porn videos last year for the first time in 20 years, said. “I thank Holly for putting that together. I never would have done that. Holly spent a lot of time putting it together and I’m very grateful for that. Admittedly, I don’t know how to work a computer so I never really browse my site, so it was nice to see a retrospective all put together. My goal in Fetish Divas is to explore the outer limits of sexual fixation with clothing and concepts that make beautiful women fascinating and arousing.

“And you know, I can’t remember half of it, so it’s all brand new and quite exciting,” Suze continued with a laugh, “I got Alzheimer’s, so it’s kind of like it’s new to me, too. I keep looking at the girls thinking, Who are these girls? I’d love to shoot them!

Her previous book, titled simply Suze Randall, was published in Japan but had limited distribution.

Fetish Divas is available through the online shop at Click here for more Suze Randall. Holly Randall’s work can be found at