Surreal Life 2: Jeremy Talks About the Cutting Room Floor

Sex and the City wasn’t the only series that ended last night. Ron Jeremy, arguably the most sane, or normal, person on the hit WB show The Surreal Life 2, was cornered days before the sixth and final episode air and asked what he believed would be left out of the show.

“Funny stuff. Vanilla Ice gets upsets a lot. A lot of angst, inner turmoil. That is what white rappers do. I would calm him down with his own lyrics,” Jeremy told “It's a funny visual. I put my hand on his shoulder. I would start rapping at him with his own lyrics: ‘If you have a problem, yo’ I’ll solve it, check out the…’and he would yell ‘Stop, Ronny, I wrote those lines!’ It calmed him down

“They will show me having sex with Tammy Faye next week. OK, I lied. That never happened. Yet.”

Another scene Jeremy thought would be cut was a food fight. “I fell asleep and they hit me in the face with cake. It wasn’t a fair fight. I was sleeping!” Jeremy protested.

Jeremy also expected a segment from Sally Jessy Raphael’s mock show would be cut. “This probably won’t be in it: I asked Tammy Faye what she would do if a topless club or nude club or video store opened up in her neighborhood – if it had proper zoning, was kept clean and orderly and looked good one the outside, and no crime was being committed?

“She says fine. It has a right to exist. It can be a mile from my church. Then she does a little prayer like on ‘Fiddler on the Roof’and says “May the Lord bless it and keep it far away from me.”

With the exception of “the cake war”, the Hedgehog was about what was cut out of the final episode.

Jeremy also provided insight to what really went on in previous episodes. “The producers did pull a trick on me. When we had that porno barbecue last week the rest of the cast returned an hour early from the book signing in the hopes of catching me and my friends naked in the pool,” Jeremy said.

“Vandalia, who was naked at the pool, felt bad about Tammy Faye hiding in her own house because we had the porno barbecue. She called Tammy who told her that it was fine, you guys are all adorable, and I love you all. The producers just wanted to make it racy. That makes for better television.”

Steve Lane from Las Vegas Novelties, where Jeremy has a signature line said that Jeremy’s exposure on the show helped drive sales of the already popular star's novelties. “We’ve already done well with Jeremy and we’re doing even better now," Lane said.

“I’m really proud of him because he’s wanted this for 25 years. He’s done the work and he deserved it,” Lane said. “Night after night of going to the right parties, meeting the right people and auditioning for any and every role there was.”

"And wait until you see what he does next."