Surgery Postponed, Nina Hartley Still Seeking Funds

PORN VALLEY—Nina Hartley has been forced to postpone surgery to remove uterine fibroid tumors, but with the operation now rescheduled for early June, the veteran adult actress is renewing her push for donations to see her through the expected 2-6 week recovery period.

"As some of you already know she has fibroid tumors in her uterus," notes "Lesley" on the website, where donations are being received. "They’re genetic and are not cancer, nor will they turn into cancer, so that’s a blessing right there. However they are unsightly and are starting to cause other, negative side effects. After dealing with them for nearly twenty years the time has come for a permanent solution. She thought that nearing menopause would cause them to shrink but they show no signs of doing so. So, surgery is the next step."

"She had hoped to have the surgery in March but the hormone treatment to shrink them is going more slowly than she had hoped," the site elaborates. "She needs another shot, and another three months for it to work, before she can go under the knife. She and her doctor want to avoid an abdominal incision, hoping instead for the less-invasive laparoscopic method, and so they'll do another round of hormone therapy and waiting."

Of course, one of the problems for an adult actress about to undergo surgery is how a scar on the abdomen—certainly one of the most visible areas of the body during a sex scene—would affect Hartley's ability to continue performing in hardcore movies, but a recent communication to AVN indicates that she's still relatively upbeat about the impending procedure.

"We're still hoping to avoid a visible scar, especially as I have no hair behind which to hide it!" she wrote. "It's really wonderful how my friends & fans have stepped up. I'm a little more than 75% there."

Those wishing to make donations to this cause may do so by clicking here.