Sunshyne Jumps Into DVD Market

Previously distributed only through its own retail stores and via VOD on, amateur content producer Sunshyne Video has decided to go into DVD distribution of its titles on a national level.

The new campaign kicked off last month with the release of Horny Amateurs, followed by Amateurs: 1st Time on Film and then The Sunshyne Story, a docu-drama following the legal battles that Sunshyne faced when its second retail store opened in Maryville, Tennessee.

Directed by Marcus Washington of Lawless Filmz, Story stars local Internet porn star Rebekah Lawlesshttp as a local reporter determined to let everyone know the true story about Sunshyne. Owner David Anderson makes a cameo appearance and along with the numerous sex scenes, the story details just how far churches and small town politics will go to shut out the adult industry.

In the last month, Sunshyne has opened a brand new pay site that offers all of its titles as well as photo shoots of some of the various models.

The company hopes to have at least 35 titles released on DVD by the end of the year, on a schedule of between eight and 10 titles per month.

If interested in distribution, contact David at 818.357.5515 or 865.908.0605, or visit