Sunset Thomas Writes Erotic Fiction Based on Adult Career

LAS VEGAS — With her adult movie career now in the past, AVN Hall of Famer Sunset Thomas has taken a turn toward erotic fiction. Her first book, "Anatomy of an Adult Film," was released in April.

While the title suggests the adult movie industry, the book covers everything from strip clubs to porn sets to brothels. It’s essentially a fictionalized account of Sunset’s career in the adult industry that was prompted by the interest fans have expressed in her career.

“When I’m on the road I get a lot of questions about what it’s like to be a porn star, to be a prostitute, to be a stripper,” Thomas told AVN. “So the book covers all that.”

But the book isn’t simply autobiographical — it’s also designed to be sexy. “You’re going to read a chapter and then you’re going to get turned on so you’ll have to put the book down to have sex. But you’ll be so curious about the story that you’ll pick it right back up to see what’s next.”

The book's two main characters — Double Dynamite and Texas Lightnin’ — are both based on Sunset herself at different ages. “Double Dynamite is a lot like me today but Texas Lightnin’ is a lot like a younger version of me. They end up having sex with each other so it’s like having sex with myself.”

Sunset isn’t the only person you may recognize in the book. “A lot of the characters in the book are based on people that I have experienced in real life but I’ve just changed their names. I’m sure that people who know me will be able to recognize some of the characters.”

Besides the book, Thomas is keeping busy as a columnist for and shooting a reality show for the Web based on her life. “Even though I’m a porn star, I’m not constantly laying around spreading my legs. In the show you’ll see me running around in sweats without makeup, busy being a mom.

“There’s kids running around and you see me yelling at the kids, cooking for the family, dealing with being a parent. Then we flip it around and show me all glammed out and going about the town. I think people will find it very interesting.“

"Anatomy of an Adult Film," co-written by R. Richard, is available at