Sunset Thomas to Appear on Montel Williams Show

AVN Hall of Fame performer Sunset Thomas will be seen on the May 8 broadcast of syndicated daytime talk show ‘Montel’.

Entitled ‘XXX Family Values,’ the episode features Thomas, her live-in publicist Kent Wallace, his 17-year old daughter Betty and Sunset’s 15-year old son Zach.

"It was wonderful," Thomas told "I had a great time; Montel was extremely nice, and the crowd actually responded really well to us. I just wanted to open up to the world, and let them know that adult film stars have normal lives just like everybody else. We don’t just lay around spreading our legs 24/7."

The episode includes clips from a prospective reality series about Thomas’ life called ‘From Sunrise to Sunset’. Produced by Maryland-based Brain Box Entertainment, a teaser for the show is currently being shopped to mainstream cable networks.

"The show is basically about my everyday life as a mom and an adult film star; you see me with no makeup, dealing with the kids, and then I glam up and you see me at the AVN Awards with Robin Leach," Thomas explained.

Wallace noted that Montel’s studio audience responded favorably to Sunset and family. "I thought it went great," he said. "Of course, it depends on how they edit it. I knew there were going to be snipers in the audience; and yet what surprised me was that when we responded to one Christian guy who was calling us sinful, we got the applause from the audience. The kids hung in there and did a great job. My daughter got spontaneous applause when they asked her opinion about the adult industry and she said, ‘look, I’ve met a lot of great people. It hasn’t impacted me in a negative way.’"

Sunset is traveling less these days, and said she now has more time to spend with her children than most parents with mainstream careers. She is currently gearing up for another run with the Vegas showgirl troupe X Girls, recently moved from the Aladdin to the Flamingo Casino.

Brainbox exec VP Travis Gray told AVN that the company began working with Thomas on a previous reality-show pitch. 

"We had originally developed an idea about Sunset’s quest to become a boxing manager called ‘Lady and the Champ,’" Gray explained. "Once we started talking about it, we realized her day-to-day life was so interesting. We decided to do a show that incorporates all the different things she does…it just progressed and became a really great thing for all of us. She’s a really great lady, and we’re happy to be working with her."

Brainbox is online at Check local listings for tomorrow's 'Montel' broadcast time.