Sunset Thomas' Farewell Fuck

LOS ANGELES — The man who took the honor of being Sunset Thomas' last on-screen partner has nothing but glowing sentiments to offer about the experience.

Chris Bellis, a telephone lineman from Windgap, Pennsylvania, won the opportunity in a contest at Las Vegas' Olympic Garden during this year's AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, and he says the shoot was a better time than he could have imagined.

"It's hard to put into words, actually," Bellis told AVN. "But it was a very positive atmosphere. Talk about a dream and fantasy coming true ... it just blew my mind."

The scene will be included in Into the Sunset, Thomas' final movie and the first from new label Vavoom Films. Into the Sunset is to be distributed by LFP Video, but no release date has yet been set.

"It's hard to prepare for it; it really affected me mentally until finally I relaxed and got focused on her and then I was okay," Bellis said of his big moment with Sunset. "When we started doing the scene, it took a while for me to get hard. It was tough. And there was one point where I'm laying on the bed, and she's [doing oral on me], and then she comes up and we locked eyes, and she just had this intense look of passion in her eyes, and I just focused on that, and then I was like, 'Oh, I'm ready.'"

Ron Jeremy was Bellis' personal coach for the scene.

"To have this man be my coach, it made it so much more interesting," Bellis said. "It was just so positive, and he even gave me a compliment, which I took to heart. He comes out and he tells me, 'For your first time on set, you got hard, you did it, you succeeded,' and he goes, 'I'm impressed, I'm proud of you.' And Sunset said the same thing, and I felt so great, but I knew in my mind I could have done a little bit better, you know. But it was just an awesome thing to hear them say that."

Of course, this rare shot at glory has made Bellis somewhat of a local hero back in Pennsylvania. "Oh my god, at work, all my buddies around town, we'll go up to the local pub, and everybody just calls me 'porn star,' that's the joke," he said. "And then I start to describe my scene and the guys are going, 'No, no, I don't want to hear about that!' and half of 'em really do want to hear it."

Before long, they'll be able to see it, too, when Into the Sunset arrives from Vavoom Films and LFP Video. Stay tuned to and for details.