Sunset Thomas Draws Fire from Roller Derby

SAN FRANCISCO - As was reported last week, there is "bad blood" between adult performer Sunset Thomas and Roller Derby's Brooklyn Red Devils general manager Georgia Hase.
Thomas had been invited by Dan Ferrari, president of the American Roller Skating Derby, to present the 2007 championship trophy to roller derby champs the San Francisco Bay Bombers at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco on April 19 when the Bombers take on the Red Devils.
However, due to a number of factors, Thomas's invitation has been rescinded.

Thomas's husband, Kent Wallace, senior vice president of Vavoom Media Group, told AVN, "It's turned into a real case of discrimination. An open letter to Dan Ferrari got two of the top skaters to threaten a boyott, which got Sunset removed from the event. It's obviously far from over. It's this holier than thou attitude. It's outrageous. Sunset is a legitimate sports personality."
The letter to which Wallace referred came from a woman named Rose Colombo representing the Old School Derby Association, who, among other things wrote to Dan Ferrari, "I urge you to re-think your new affiliation with the pornography trade. You risk further alienation and ridicule of the entire Roller Derby community by your shameful actions."
The fireworks initially started on an episode of Thomas's show "The Hottie Handicapper" on Hase, a legendary skater said to Thomas, "Listen, lady. I don't know who the hell you think you are. I didn't come from the porn business. I didn't come from the Hustler Hall of Fame. I'm Georgia Hase from Roller DerbyŠI never heard of a damn porn star giving out a trophy.
Thomas countered with, "What's your fuckin' hang-up? You're not getting laid enough? You're so old you probably don't remember what sex feels like. I'm not ashamed of what I do."
As a result of the controversy, a petition has been started to reinstate Thomas as the presenter of the trophy. Interested parties are urged to go to here and show their support.