Sunset Thomas Books 'Final Fling' at Wild Horse Brothel

SPARKS, Nev. - (Press Release) - In Sunset Thomas' soon-to-be released, final XXX film Into the Sunset, the sexy superstar selected a civilian to appear in her final sex scene. In keeping with that cutting edge spirit the "Princess of Porn" has reached an agreement with the Wild Horse Resort and Spa for a two-week fan tribute!

"Hey, I was the first adult star to enter the legal brothel business." said Sunset. "In doing so, I opened the door for lots of other adult performers. What I loved about working at the brothels was the ability to literally connect with my fans - to get intimate with them - to show them we're not just fakers.

"So I'm pairing my final film with a final fling. I've selected the Wild Horse because it's by far the classiest operation in the state. It's a resort, complete with a bar/restaurant/nightclub [where Sunset will make a
special appearance], the Mustang Ranch museum, a world class kitchen, a spa and extravagantly posh VIP rooms-I simply can't wait!"

"Sunset is the ultimate fantasy and the Wild Horse is the ultimate brothel," said Susan Austin, the brothel's Madam. "We're honored that she selected the Wild Horse as the last stop on her stellar sexual sojourn."

Sunset will be at the Wild Horse Ranch from September 9 -  22. To book an appointment, call (775) 343-1224 or email Sunset directly at [email protected]

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