Sunny Leone to Star in Sendup of Supermodel Biopic

LAS VEGAS—If you're wondering what Paradise Visuals' Jason Green is doing walking around the AEE with a videographer in tow, he's doing pre-production for an upcoming movie starring Vivid contract player Sunny Leone—and that means he's interviewing as many industry veterans as he can, all of whom will be "remembering" what he describes as "the biggest contract star of all time."

Nope, it's not Jenna Jameson or Tera Patrick or jessica drake, though aspects of those stars may be woven into the storyline.

"We're doing a movie that's a version of Gia, which is basically the Angelina Jolie movie, except instead of modeling, she's going into the adult film business," Green explained. "It's the story of this girl who at one time was the biggest contract star of all time, but towards the end of her life, she gets sick and passes away. In the movie, Sunny will be portraying Savannah or someone like her, someone that grand, or even John Holmes a little bit too. She starts modeling; she gets a boob job; she comes to the Valley; she starts to do photo shoots, then a girl/girl, then boy/girl; then she goes back to girl/girl; then she directs, towards the end of her career, then she dies."

But unlike Savannah, Sunny won't be committing suicide; that'll be where the John Holmes connection comes in.

Gia, it will be remembered, was one of Jolie's break-through roles—and one of the few that exposed her lovely tits. The 1998 made-for-cable movie was based on Gia Carangi, a fashion model from the late '70s to early '80s whom some have dubbed "the first supermodel." But the stress of success proved too much for the brunette beauty, leading her to become a heroin addict ... and another first: According to Wikipedia, she was "thought to be one of the first famous women to die of AIDS" at the age of 26.

It'll be a demanding role for Sunny in the as-yet-untitled biopic, in part because her character will have to live up to the glowing "recollections" of her life and career by such luminaries as Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch and whomever else Green can corner for on-camera interviews.

The movie, due to be released in May, is still largely uncast, though Green says Janine Lindemulder will play a crucial role. It's being produced by Leone's own production company, SunLust Pictures, and will be distributed by Vivid.