Sunny Leone's Condom Ad Hits the Tube—YouTube, That Is

CYBERSPACE—As AVN reported earlier this month, Vivid Girl Sunny Leone had inked a deal to promote Manforce Condoms, a brand popular with the Pacific Rim and the emblem of a philosophy that Sunny holds dear: Being free to have sex without adverse consequences.

Now, according to Sunny's publicist, that commercial—or, more likely, a super-expanded version—can be seen on YouTube, and it's well worth watching all 131 seconds of it. The ad features intercut shots of Sunny relaxing on her bed wearing a bustier and silk stockings (until a guy shows up about halfway through) as well as Sunny clad only in a towel knotted just over her ample tits, walking through a vineyard, sampling grapes—until she spots a bathtub in the middle of a clearing and decides that's just what she needs. (Sadly, the towel is still firmly in place as she lowers herself into the water and nibbles on a handful of vine-ripened treats.)

But while the ad (for chocolate/grape-flavored Manforce condoms) is all steam and seduction, there's an excellent companion video also available, titled "How to Use a Condom by Sunny Leone," and it's a treat for those who miss hearing Sunny, who's now a darling of Indian/Bollywood media, use a bit of explicit language even as she demonstrates how to use a condom by reading the instructions on the package. And it doesn't hurt that she's dressed only in a bra, panties and stockings (with garter belt) while she's doing it.

"So guys, the easiest way to practice [putting on a condom] is to use a banana," she states, "or while sitting with your hard cock watching me fuck myself, because how else are we going to get our dicks hard, right?"

Right! Of course, it's partly an ad for watching Sunny actually have sex on her website,, but hey, it's still a public service—and one more porn stars might consider emulating.