Sunny Lane Gearing Up for Déjà vu Tour

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - First-ever Déjà vu contract girl Sunny Lane has been busy working on the promotional materials for her planned 2008 Girl Next Door Tour, recently completing a three-day photo shoot with lensman Trace Grundstrom that included an array of still and video work in several locales.

"It was super hot and super sexy!" Sunny gushed to AVN. "We did like five different setups ... my body was definitely sore the next day. I had to go to a masseuse afterwards."

One of the items slated to come out of the shoot will be a 2008 calendar to be sold on Sunny's tour and at Déjà vu retail outlets everywhere.

Meanwhile, Sunny also shows up in Michael Grecco's new photo book "Naked Ambition: An R-Rated Look at an X-Rated Industry," and attended the opening night of Grecco's worldwide promotional tour for the book Thursday at L.A.'s Stephen Cohen Gallery.
"That blew my mind," said Sunny. "The photos he did ... he captured people at their moments when they're just them, instead of posing them, so that's really cool. And it was a neat experience to work with a mainstream photographer that's world-renowned.

"It's really cool, because Dave Navarro put an insert in there and talked about my family, and how I have the support of my family," she continued. "It says, 'Sex is just sex, people, and it's entertainment. If Sunny Lane's parents can deal with it, then everybody else in the world should be able to deal with it.'"

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