Sunny Lane Becomes First Contract Star for Déjà Vu

LOS ANGELES - Sunny Lane has signed a deal with the Déjà Vu chain of gentlemen's clubs to serve as its very first exclusive contract feature dancer.

Signed at the recent Adult Gentlemen's Club Owners Expo in Las Vegas, the contract calls for Lane to perform as a headline attraction at Déjà Vu clubs worldwide. Offstage, she will meet and greet fans across the country at Déjà Vu boutiques.

"How this came about was I wrote up and presented a proposal to the people of Déjà Vu," Sunny told AVN. "You know, that's where I started at, so I have a history with them, and I've always danced at the North Hollywood club out here, so I feel like they're family and part of me. And I just started feature dancing, so I went to them and they were so game about it that we wrote up a contract, and I'm gonna be their first contract star feature dancer for a year [around] the world ... internationally, the U.S., everywhere."

Lane began her adult entertainment career as a dancer at Deja Vu's Tampa, Florida club after she could no longer compete professionally as an ice skater due to a foot injury. So this move brings the popular performer right back in a very true sense to where she began.

"I'm really happy that this has happened," Lane said. "I've been working on it for months now, and it's come to be! It's nice that I'm able to do this, and I'm with one club.

"But I'm still gonna be around to make my fuck scenes happen!" she added. "Gotta do that, too!"

The Déjà Vu chain additionally plans to book Sunny as a feature dancer at other venues including Larry Flynt's Hustler Clubs, Little Darlings, Larry Flynt's Barely Legal Clubs, Showgirls and Dream Girls.

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