Strippers Shake Their Butts on Seymore’s Party Bus

Seymore Butts rolled out his xXxposed Entertainment Party Bus over the weekend, taking the porno press corps on a 90-minute run to promote the launch of the operation nationwide.

The party bus ad slogan — "Your party, our exotic dancers, an unforgettable experience” — pretty sums up the concept, aimed at the bachelor/birthday party demographic.

The party buses will initially launch in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Chicago, Cleveland and Miami, then will be expanded to more than 60 markets.

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“The party buses will allow us to bring our unique brand of quality exotic entertainment up close and personal to the masses,” Butts, the anal gonzo king whose real name is Adam Glasser, said in a press release. “Whether you have a group or just an individual at home wanting something to do on a weekend night, you can come and enjoy our entertainers in a state of the art moving club without the hassles of planning a large event.”

On Friday night, a plush, luxury limo quality bus stocked with beer picked up members of the porn press corps at Eros Station in the Van Nuys Section of Porn Valley and for the next 90 minutes or so cruised into Hollywood and back, the ride highlighted, by lap dances and toward the end, nastier girl/girl/hardware action from Annie Cruz and newbies Memphis Monroe, Serena and Jessica Jammer.

It was all videotaped by crews from Playboy — the inimitable Ashley Blue was there as the Playboy mistress of ceremonies — and Showtime for Seymore's Family Business reality show, and indeed, at about the halfway mark, the bus stopped to pick up The Man himself. Initially, Seymore wasn't a very happy camper, apparently peeved that for his grand entrance, his Showtime crew hadn't engineered enough partying on his party bus, but eventually calmed down and seemed to enjoy himself once he got some female, well, butt waved in his face. As did everyone else.

Overall, the party bus concept is fun, though it will undoubtedly work better without camera crews taking up valuable space with their equipment. Also, the dancers at times had trouble keeping their balance in a moving vehicle, but apart from those minor hiccups, a good enough time was had by most if not all.

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