'Strip Las Vegas' To Feature Michael Ninn Photos

LAS VEGAS - 'Strip Las Vegas' magazine will feature photography by AVN award-winning director Michael Ninn each month, beginning with the March issue.

Ninn is the creator of adult video production company Ninn Worx Media Group, which merged last year with the Spearmint Rhino gentlemen's club chain to form NinnWorx_SR. The director's involvement with 'Strip Las Vegas' reflects a similar synergy between the adult video industry and the strip-club business.

"'Strip Las Vegas' celebrates the exact mixture of live performance and multimedia adult entertainment that I have wanted to incorporate into all of my own work over the past decade," said Ninn. "[Publisher] Scott Santos and I had the chance to sit down at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, and he got what Ninn Worx_SR is about, and what we want to do.

"We agreed that Ninn Worx_SR visuals would be a great way to enhance Strip Las Vegas' coverage of the live aspects of adult entertainment each month. Strip Las Vegas Magazine in turn, gives all of us a chance to introduce the club consumer to the adult movie industry, and where the two cross over.”

The March issue of 'Strip Las Vegas' is the first to receive national exposure through Curtis Circulation Magazine Distribution.