Strange Enterprises Launches Pixel-Based Ads for Adult Sites

Strange Enterprises has launched Adult PixBoard, an online pixel-based advertising service for adult sites.

Adult PixBoard offers to host advertisements based on the size of the image rather than the click-through or impression rate. offers a flat fee for advertising. Ads are purchased in 10 by 10 pixel blocks at varying prices, depending on page placement, with the most expensive placements in dead center and above the page break costing as little as $10 per ad. Ads placed anywhere below the page break can cost as little as $2 for a yearlong placement.

Ads run for one year on the site.

“Pixel-based advertising has taken mainstream online advertising by storm, and we wanted to be one of the first companies to offer the benefits of this business plan to adult-oriented businesses,” says J. A. Strange, the company’s founder. “Adult PixBoard is an easy, effective, low-cost way to add to your online exposure.”

Adult PixBoard also accepts link-exchange requests and allows affiliates of larger sites to buy placement on the site.