'Straight Guys Try On Women’s Lingerie' For AdamEve.com

HILLSBOROUGH, NCAdam & Eve, one of America’s most trusted sources for adult products, knows the struggle is real when it comes to trying on lingerie. From straps to stockings to figuring out what goes where, women wrestle with a lot in order to look and feel ravishing.

To illustrate this point, adameve.com joined director Brad Hammer and Big Brother Season 13 winner and Amazing Race participant Rachel Reilly, along with some willing male models, to turn the tables in a frisky fashion show that is both fun and informative—and maybe just a little bit embarrassing.

“We just let the camera roll and watched the men try and figure out how to try on women’s lingerie,” said Hammer. “You could tell they were surprised they couldn’t even figure out how to try most of it on. They definitely learned a lesson and they were all good sports about it.”

Model Giancarlo Annito agrees. “I had no idea how confusing and uncomfortable women’s lingerie was to put on. Women have to go through a lot more than I realized!”

The five-minute video can be seen in its entirety here.