Stormy Daniels Leaves KSEX

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Wicked Pictures performer/director Stormy Daniels resigned Wednesday morning as host of KSEX Radio's "Contract Super Stars" in an open letter (below) to the new management of the internet radio station.

Stormy began hosting "Contract Super Stars" in August 2004, and won the KSEX Listeners' Choice Award that year and the next for Sexiest KSEX Radio Babe. Her show aired once a month, and was scheduled for a new broadcast Wednesday night.

Stormy told AVN she decided to resign in part because the new management had yet to contact her about her standing with the station.

Her open letter reads as follows:

I am resigning from my show on KSEX immediately. As of 10 a.m. PST this morning I have not been contacted personally by email, phone, IM or text from the new management to discuss the status of my involvement with KSEX. I have received updates with progress on the new studio but nothing personally addressed to me.

With all the recent changes that have taken place starting with the on-air public firing of [program director and on-air personality] Wankus, I thought my future as a host with the company was cloudy at best. If they treat a guy who has been with them so long like that, how would they treat me or any other staff, for that matter?

The manner in which the new publicist and program director handled what I consider to be an in-house issue was unprofessional. Dragging KSEX and

Wankus through the mud for the entire industry to see damaged the integrity of the company and I do not want to be associated with that type of PR.

I had a couple of great years hosting the show and made some wonderful friends. Sox and Powder [KSEX's technical staff] are the glue that hold that place together and I want to thank everyone who made my time so enjoyable there.

I wish KSEX great success in the future and maybe my PJ friends would have me as a guest on their shows every now and then.

Stormy Daniels