Stormy Daniels Launches <i>Operation Tropical Stormy</i>

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Stormy Daniels held an open casting call on Monday for Operation Tropical Stormy, the sequel to her multiple award-winning blockbuster comedy Operation Desert Stormy.

Stormy brought groups of four into a conference room at the Wicked Pictures offices to read from the script. Co-star Marcus London sat by her side to read along when necessary and ask his own questions, frequently throwing out "Can you do a British accent?" and/or "Can we see your boobs?"

When we arrived, Dana DeArmond was in the midst of doing her best Brit-speak. After an array of inquiries about her sexual predilections, she quipped, "What I lack in acting skills, I make up for in punctuality and fucking." (And if that didn't put her on the callback list, we seriously question your priorities, Stormy Daniels.)

The next group then filed in, comprised of Tristan Kingsley, Violet Marcell, Havana Ginger and Mika Tan. Asked to perform a sacrificial island dance, Tan began flailing and gyrating like an aborigine on tweak, sending the room into hysterics. Shortly thereafter, she read some dialogue in an outrageous Mickey Rooney-in-Breakfast at Tiffany's Asian accent that once again had everyone howling.

After Tan left the room, there was some excited discussion amongst Daniels, London and others present as to how she'd be best utilized. It was finally suggested that they might forgo casting her in Tropical Stormy in order to place her in a leading role of part three.   

As the auditions wound down, Daniels told AVN that the afternoon "was interesting. I think the best way to put it is it was a lot slower than the Operation Desert Stormy [casting call], but more quality. This one was quality over quantity."

Daniels said she feels her script for Operation Tropical Stormy improves on its predecessor. "It came in at 14 pages shorter," she said. "I think it's tighter. I think it's gonna be awesome."

Added London, "It doesn't stop. There's no lulls. I think it's better. It's funnier."

Operation Tropical Stormy is scheduled to shoot from May 31 to June 17, with expected release in Spring 2009.