Stormy Daniels Gets Laughs with Upright Citizens Brigade

LOS ANGELES – Wicked contract starlet Stormy Daniels showed off her comedic skills over the weekend, as the blonde beauty was invited to perform with the popular Los Angeles comedy troupe, Upright Citizens Brigade, on their weekly improvised show, ASSSSCAT, in Hollywood.

"To be honest, I was pretty petrified," Daniels told AVN. "It's all improv comedy. I fancy myself a pretty funny person, but I've got nothing on these guys."

Some celebrity comedians decided to join the busty beauty on stage. In addition to scheduled performers like UCB founders Matt Walsh, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, and host Sean Conroy, Stormy was joined by Comedy Central regular Billy Merritt and, Saturday Night Live alum, Tim Meadows.

"I knew that I was going to be working with three guys from Upright Citizens Brigade, but when I showed up, and walked back stage into the dressing room, I couldn't believe it when I saw Tim Meadows. I'm a huge 'Saturday Night Live' fan."

True to the ASSSSCAT formula, the evening saw Daniels taking the stage, improvising monologues that established the foundation for a series of interlocking improv sketches. The role of guest monologist is filled by invitation only, and Sunday night’s performance saw Daniels following in the footsteps of other recent ASSSSCAT guest speakers such as Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, and Andy Richter.

"I was so amazed with how fast they put the skits together. And the guys from Upright Citizens brigade just got in touch with me again today and invited me back, so I guess I couldn't have bombed," continued Daniels. "The audience reaction during the show was awesome...they laughed at all the right times. I had a great time and I'm pretty honored to be invited back."

Daniels is currently on a feature dancing stop in Davenport, Iowa. She’ll be at the Amsterdam Gentlemen’s Club (643 East 59th St.), tonight through Saturday. For venue information, call 563-468-4653.

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