Stormy Daniels A Red Carpet Hit At Grammys

HOLLYWOOD - Wicked Pictures director/performer Stormy Daniels mingled with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards Sunday night, and was stopped for interviews on the red carpet by a train of top mainstream media outlets.

Among those who accosted Daniels with their cameras and microphones were CBS News, People magazine, Fox News, "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," "Jimmy Kimmel Live," "The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson," Access Hollywood, MTV, E! and Star magazine.

Daniels' interview with "The Tonight Show" aired Monday night.

"Marjorie Johnson, the elderly lady who's a correspondent for the show that's always cooking things, she interviewed me on the red carpet with her cookies, and it was a very funny piece," Daniels told AVN. "I told her she shouldn't have brought cookies because it was Hollywood and none of the big stars wanted to eat cookies when they had to squeeze into a dress. And she's like, 'Well, I have the cookies, I see you brought the milk!'"

The segment also included Ringo Starr. "How cool is it to be in a segment with a Beatle?" she asked. "That doesn't happen every day!" (An exclamation echoing the ribbing thrown Kanye West's way by Vince Gill when he took the stage during the show to accept Best Country Album.)

Model Daisy Fuentes talked to Stormy for the E! Channel's "Fashion Police."

"They were on me for probably a good three to four minutes, which is a long time, and they said my name a couple of times," said Stormy. "They're usually really brutal, like they're way harsh on a lot of the real big celebrities. And I thought it was really cool, 'cause Daisy Fuentes said I was hot and sexy."

But Stormy's favorite interview, she said, was the one for the Craig Ferguson show, because "Kermit the Frog interviewed me. So I was on TV with a Beatle and a Muppet. I am a rock star. Daisy Fuentes said I was hot and sexy, Kermit the Frog hit on me, and I was on Jay Leno.

"It was pretty funny," she went on, "because Kermit goes, 'But it'll never work out between us because I am an amphibian,' and I told him, 'Well I am an equal opportunist, and I'll put anything in my mouth once.'"