Storming The States Via The <i>AVN</i> Adult Expo

For many porn industry vets, the AVN Adult Expo is a time honored tradition that after many years can be as routine as it is exciting. That's not to say that business is not drummed up and a good time is not had by all year after year, but that, like most conventions it is a lot of hard work, long hours and familiar faces. Not so for Paris export Christophe Mourth?, who is enjoying his first Adult Expo to the max and smiling like a kid in a candy store.rnrn

"It's great to come to a show like this here in the USA for the first time," says Christophe. "Here it is a real big industry, very important. It's like Hollywood!"rnrn

A fashion and fetish photographer with over 20 years experience, Mourth? has only recently crossed over into porn, blossoming into a highly stylized, visually striking director over the coarse of three recent films, ColorSex, Amazon Sex and Sex Me. With a successful photography book and 3-D CD Rom under his belt, it wasn't long before he came to the attention of Metro Pictures and struck a deal to exclusively release all three films in the States.rnrn

"He's very stylish, very high fashion and fetishy, but also very artistic," says Metro publicist Carly Milne. "He wraps so many different elements into his movies you really have to see them to experience it."rnrn

Being new to both the porn industry and the United States (he has only visited the US a couple of times), Christophe is fairly overwhelmed by the size of both the convention and the fan base. "It's a question of size," he says. "In Europe we do nice things but it is interesting to see the differences."rnrn

In the end, Christophe hopes that the Expo will open up some doors for him here in the U.S., but he also wants to spread the word to his European peers to step out of their insular porn world and take advantage of what is offered on this side of the globe. "In Paris we are not, as some think, important. They consider themselves very important but they are not really aware of what else is out there in the rest of the world. They have no idea how big porn is here. It is not a great money business there like it is in America. It's also so much more professional here. It is interesting to see how different countries handle the X-Rated business. Seeing the differences makes you realize that we are not alone."rnrn

"This is a new experience for me," admits Christophe, "and I hope it can open some doors. It's just growing and growing and can only go further."