Steve Hirsch Makes Play for Newly-Single Courtney Stodden

LOS ANGELESVivid honcho Steve Hirsch waited approximately 30 seconds before making his play for the newly single Courtney Stodden, the 19-year-old reality star and plastic surgery queen who just announced her split from husband Doug Hutchison after three years of very public marriage.

Before the ink was dry on Stodden's next model release, the Vivid co-founder was explaining to E! News why the teen sexpot's destiny is in adult entertainment, and buttering her up for what he said could be a big payday.

"Courtney Stodden was born to be a porn star," he told the entertainment news site. "There is no question that she would be a huge star as she exudes sexuality.

"I would love to sign her to a contract now that she's going to be single," he added. "Maybe she'd be interested. If not, she would be a great host for us on VividTV (our cable network) until she felt fully comfortable."

Hirsch also complimented Stodden's physical assets, saying, "She has the body and the looks to be a star," but added that more would be expected of her than just to look good. "Her sex," he said, "would have to be super-hot to complete the package."

Assuming she has what it takes, Hirsch dangled the prospect of a lucrative career before the precocious teen, telling E! News,  "A successful porn star can make several hundred thousand dollars a year. Courtney would surely make more."

But again, there's no rush, Courtney. Whenever you're ready for your close-up, your close-up will be ready and waiting for you.

Image: Courtney Stodden, left, and Steve Hirsch. Photo of Stodden courtesy of Glenn Francis,