Stern Show's Artie Lange Agrees To Present at AVN Awards

NEW YORK — AVN president Paul Fishbein called in live to "The Howard Stern Show" this morning during comedian Greg Fitzsimmons' appearance to promote his return hosting gig of the AVN Awards. During the call, Fishbein convinced Stern sidekick Artie Lange to be a presenter at the ceremony.

Fishbein phoned in to respond to criticisms thrown out by Stern and company regarding show personalities Richard Christy and Benjy Bronk being denied the opportunity to present at the Awards.

"Stern Show" regular Ralph Cirella called in just prior to Fishbein and said, "Fuck Paul Fishbein and AVN. He's been coming on your show all these years, since before anyone knew who he was; he's gonna come off now like he's above it all?"

When Fishbein was put on the air, he said, "I've heard that for the first time ever, I'm getting trashed on the show. I'm honored in a way."

He went on to explain that, "We have a big broadcast deal now, and the people it's with are watching very closely to see who we have coming on the stage ... they want to see as many big name celebrities as possible, and they wanted to know how come, with my long-standing relationship with your show, I couldn't get you or Robin or Artie Lange to come present."

Lange immediately jumped into the conversation, exclaiming, "Paul, you never asked me to come this year!" When Fishbein said he had, in fact, left a message for Lange asking him to present, Lange responded, "I think there's been a huge misunderstanding. I never got that message. I would be happy to come give out an award."

Lange only asked for the one proviso that if he comes and presents, Christy and Bronk be brought on, as well. Fishbein agreed without hesitation, and noted in closing, "I love the show, and just like Howard has shown his loyalty to me, I'm showing my loyalty to him."