Stephanie Hickman Teams with Nectar Entertainment

Stephanie Hickman has partnered with Nectar Entertainment to launch two flagship websites, and

Also known as NetBabe, Hickman has been in the adult business for seven years, playing an integral role in the development of several internet companies including  Adult Check, Babenet, Python Group, and Platinum Bucks.  At the 2005 Player's Ball, she received the Woody award for Playette of the Year. 

"What has been amazing with this group is that they have been very receptive to the digital environment, and really get it," Hickman said of her working relationship with Nectar. "We plan to niche out more sites in the following months, and launch our affiliate program by summer. Every day we are working to create more brand recognition for our products.  We continually set new goals and have long terms game plans for everything we do. We will be a success and a brand to watch out for, no matter what we do."

Nectar Entertainment was founded in 2003 by CEO Sean Logan. The studio won AVN's Best Latin-Themed Production award this year for Brazilian Island 2.

"Stephanie's energy and excitement for our brands has really bought new life to our company," said Nectar's Eric Avalon. "She is a great addition to our team, and I look forward to working more in the digital environment."