Stars Love To Tweet Up New Sensations/Revolution X Parodies

HOLLYWOOD—Fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation (ST:TNG)—which includes at least four members of the cast of the show's upcoming parody as well as director Sam Hain—will quickly recognize the name Wil Wheaton, who played Ensign Wesley Crusher on the long-running series and who's more recently gone on to torment Jim Parsons' character on Big Bang Theory.

But Wheaton's still very active in the Trek community and keeps abreast of developments in that area ... so it's not surprising that he tweeted the following on Sunday: "Apparently, there is a XXX parody of TNG being filmed this weekend. I hope the producers are crediting a generation of fan fiction writers."

"I'm playing Ensign Ro," Dana DeArmond quickly responded, attaching a photo of herself and the mysterious British actor known only as "Giles" in their respective roles.

"Holy crap. You look just like her!" Wheaton replied.

DeArmond was ecstatic to have been praised by one of her heroes, tweeting to her followers late yesterday, "And @wilw tweeting to me yesterday made the 12 year old me die. What a sweetie. Used to crush on Wesley Crusher so hard back in the day."

She followed that one with, "It's a wrap for me on star trek: the next generation a xxx parody. It was a amazing experience. I'm so happy to be involved with this movie."

Sadly, Wheaton wasn't on the set, and in fact, there appears to be no parody of his character in the screenplay ... but that didn't stop him from tweeting advice to April O'Neil, who plays Counselor Troi: "Speaking from experience: remember to invert a neutrino pulse through the navigational deflector every time you set the DVR"

But Wheaton's only one of the mainstream actors who've been pleased to have had their shows parodied by New Sensations/Digital Sin/Revolution X. It's been confirmed that blonde beauty Anna Paquin brought copies of NS's Tru: A XXX Parody to the set of her HBO series True Blood to give to the rest of the cast, and even chatted about the parody with host George Lopez during her appearance on TNT's Lopez Tonight.

Another Sam Hain parody, Sex Files—A Dark XXX Parody, caught the attention of X Files star Gillian Anderson, who spoke about it briefly during a "red carpet" interview at the Sarajevo Film Festival. Scrubs star Zach Braff enthused about Scrubs: A XXX Parody on Jimmy Kimmel Live, even displaying photos of the original cast together with the actors parodying those characters, and much of the cast of Reno 911 got to see themselves parodied by New Sensations during a "roast" at the Uptight Citizens Brigade Theater Los Angeles in July.

"As you know, we have a history of getting the original casts of the movie/TV shows we parody to comment and talk about our productions," noted company publicist Janeen Gensen. "We are the only parody studio that consistently does this."

(Pictured: April O'Neil as Counselor Troi; Xander Corvus as Commander Data)