Starr Promotes Music Video, Other Ventures

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Porn performer Brittaney Starr, of Platinum Blue Productions' AVN Award-nominated Airgazmic and other fine productions, is cranking the promotional gears for her recently shot music video "I Wanna Fuck the DJ," as well as a few additional endeavors.

"It's really a sexy video," Starr boasted during a stop off at the AVN Media Network office. "It'd be hot for anybody to be playing at clubs … it's gonna be really sexy and really fun."

Starr was especially effusive about male porn star Nick Manning's performance as the DJ in the video, gushing, "Who doesn't love Nick Manning? Droppin' loads, baby! All over your TV screen!"

Starr debuted the "DJ" track, itself – due in stores within the next couple of months – at Miami Beach's Winter Music Conference, where she said she got it into the hands of many receptive movers and shakers who are helping to give it worldwide exposure.

"I got to talk to a lot of producers and distributors and people that love music," Starr explained, "and I got it out to a lot of really famous DJs that are now playing it in Berlin and Ibiza and even Israel, and lots of other places where they have good music."

Recounting the genesis of "I Wanna Fuck the DJ," Starr expounded about how she was hanging out with a DJ friend at a nightclub one night, "and I looked at him and I go, 'I wanna fuck the DJ,' and my girlfriend looks over at me, and she goes, 'I wanna fuck him too!' And I go, 'C'mon, let's have a threesome, baby,' and she goes, 'I'm goin' home with you!' And everybody was like, 'Oh my god, those are lyrics! We just wrote a song!' And here we are."

Starr went on to recap her life-long ambition to be a musician, recalling that, "Seven years ago, I was at the Winter Music Conference, where I met Paul Oakenfold, who is now my best friend and mentor, and he actually led me in the right direction in order to get my music career started. So it's a big, huge blessing for me, because it's something I've loved my whole, entire life and have been born to do, and I think once I start getting my electronica music and my fun, funky, sexual music out there, that when people start to like me and they hear my voice, they're gonna want to listen to the other stuff that I write, my poetry, that's a lot deeper than what I've come out with now."

With the commercial release of "I Wanna Fuck the DJ" (also being put out in a non-X-rated version titled "I Wanna Funk the DJ"), Starr hopes to make a stride or two toward bridging the mainstream and the porn worlds. "Everybody needs to grow up and realize that sex is not a bad thing," she asserted. "My god, who I do believe in very much so, would never make sex a bad thing. If it feels great, and everybody's a consensual adult, then it's all good!"

Another venture Starr wants the world to know about is her fledgling clothing line, Sex Kitten Apparel, officially launching in September. "We'll do mostly women's clothes at first, 'cause that's what sells more; booty shorts, a jewelry line, tank tops, lingerie even. We've got some great ideas for stuff which I don't want to say yet, 'cause it's not out yet, but it will be available in all the Adam & Eve stores, and probably a lot of different adult shops. And online, also, at or"

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