Stanley Reflects On First Wicked Year

David Stanley just celebrated his one-year anniversary as a contract director for Wicked Pictures, and he is still as happy to be with the company as he was when he signed on.

“I’m happy to be with the best company in the business,” Stanley told “They’ve been beautiful with me. That’s just the truth. They pulled me back from the creative brink.”

Of his creative direction with his features, Stanley cites a refreshed personal space that is spurring his work.

“My movies are a little weird but I really, really want them to have a lot of heart. I think that a lot of the stuff that I did for Vivid when I was younger — which is typical for a lot of young artists — are the kind of movies where everyone is winking about love the whole time. I’m older now and I want my movies to be more emotionally mature and I work for a company that is emotionally mature. I really want people now to look at my work and think of it as romantic films where you really want to see the two people getting together at the end where the sex actually means something,” Stanley said.

Retailers will see the release of Stanley’s latest, Harlequin, this month.

“It’s about clowns but it’s not a clown porno,” Stanley advised. “It’s a story about unrequited love with the clowns as window-dressing.”