Standard Digital Delays <i>Taboo 6</i> DVD Release

Standard Digital's special edition Taboo 6 DVD has been delayed in order to ensure the quality of the release. The classic Kirdy Stevens title is now scheduled to street on Jan. 2, 2007.

"Bringing an older movie up to the audio and visual standards of the other Taboos is an exacting and detailed process," said Steve Stevens, president of Standard Digital and Kirdy Stevens' son. "Taboo 6 is a title that's never been offered on DVD by anyone and we wanted nothing less than what we offered with the previous volumes of the series. I'm sure our customers will understand, as the Kirdy Stevens' Signature Series of Taboo are premium titles."

Jon Islas, general manager of Standard Digital's exclusive distributor Addictive Entertainment, called the delay “unfortunate yet necessary to maintain the overall quality of the series.”

"Taboo's one of the most identifiable franchises in adult," Islas added. "To give it anything less than the best when it comes to bringing it to DVD would be a crime and I wouldn't be interested in offering it to my customers, especially because of the rave reviews and feedback we've gotten for the first five volumes of Taboo."

For more information on Standard Digital’s Taboo discs, contact Jon at (818) 609-7225 or [email protected]