Stallone’s ‘Italian Stallion’ Brings Big Bucks on eBay

CYBERSPACE—I figured I would conduct an unscientific test by asking one of my colleagues how much he thought Sylvester Stallone’s 1970 soft porn flick The Party at Kitty and Stud’s—later renamed The Italian Stallionsold for on eBay. He said an amount in the mid-five figures. He was way off.

The Italian Stallion—for which Stallone was paid $200, a year before he appeared in Woody Allen’s Bananas and six years before Rocky was released—was auctioned by Bryanston Distributors for over $412,100 to an unnamed buyer.

“The buyer gets the original 35mm negatives as well as worldwide rights to the film. Italian Stallion has gained cult status over the years as hardcore material has been added,” reported Variety.

According to Edward Parry, president of Bryanston, "The negatives were actually lost for a while.” He told Variety that MGM had tried to buy the film in 2009, but the deal fell through. It wasn't the first time a sale fell through. The original producers approched Stallone following the realease of Rocky, seeking $100,00 for the movie. He declined.

Many years later, sexagenarian Stallone is still plugging away. With the box office hit (and critical flop) The Expendables under his belt and a sequel in the works, Parry said the time to sell The Italian Stallion was now.

"Who would've thought that at 64 he would be at the top of his game," Parry said.

In very related news, X-Play has announced that in mid-December it will begin shooting Not Rocky XXX, a porn spoof of Stallone's 1976 Oscar-winning film. Directed by parody master Will Ryder, Not Rocky XXX will feature Anthony Rosano in the role of underdog Rocky Balboa, Andy San Dimas as Rocky's mousy-but-hot love interest Adrian, Mr. Marcus as Apollo Creed and Tyler Knight will play Clubber Lang. The other seminal roles have yet to be cast.

Promising a true-to-life tale about the grizzled world of prize fighting, Ryder said actual boxing sequences will be shot to help to bring Not Rocky XXX to the level of other X-Play parodies and to bring a semblence of realism to a classic he enjoyed as a troubled youth in Wisconsin. 

“I remember when I went to the theater with my friends to watch the first Rocky movie and we wanted to kick ass when it was over," Ryder said, kicking back at a popular Hollywood restaurant, undecided about whether to order a bagel or a ham sandwich from the cute (and patient) waitress.  “Fast forward three decades later and the only difference is that after watching our porn parody you will emerge ready to fight but you’ll have a big boner getting in your way." 

X-Play co-producer Scott David, already busy munching on a tofu-laden salad, saw his opportunity. 

“I can just see it now, 'Yo Adrian... can I get a BJ,'” he said, as grey heads throughout the popular eatery swiveled in his direction.

The waitress blushed as Ryder made his decision: it would be ham!

Produced by X-Play, distributed by Digital Sin, look for Not Rocky XXX to street in Feb. 2011.