Sssh! It's A Secret! Robbin Banx Is On CamSoda Tonight!

LOS ANGELES—Adult entertainment news can come from some funny places—like, f'r'instance, the New York Post's "Page Six," which wallows in gossip about Hollywood stars and even sports figures, but which let slip the interesting (to adult fans) news that British-born adult starlet Robbin Banx will be appearing on CamSoda for a solo show... tonight!

Of course, AVN editors searched their emails looking for some notice that the show would be taking place—6 p.m. Pacific time/9 p.m. Eastern tonight, by the way—either from CamSoda itself, which is usually pretty good about advertising its upcoming shows, or possibly from Banx's agents, OC Modeling—but when we spoke to one of the principals there, even he was in the dark about the show. Luckily, he was able to put AVN in touch with Robbin herself.

"Yeah, it'll just be me and my toys," the curvy, tatted blonde told us. "I'll be saying hello to some friends, plus the usual teasing, playing, flirting, showing them some stuff, doing a striptease and just having some fun, you know; the usual."

As long as we had her on the line, we asked about some of her recent shoots since joining the OC Modeling family.

"I've just shot my second scene," Robbin said. "My first one was with Keiran Lee for Brazzers, and my second one was with Manuel Ferrara on Sunday, so that'll be the next one out, and I've got a couple coming up that I can't talk about yet because we haven't confirmed them 100 percent."

So why is it that no one managed to get the word out about the upcoming CamSoda show?

"Yeah, you know, that is weird!" she stated. "Well, you know, it was set up kind of at the last minute. They just called me a couple of days ago, and we didn't finalize it until yesterday, so that's probably why."

So, Robbin Banx fans, you saw it here first (unless you read the New York Post): Robbin Banx will be doing a one-hour cam show live beginning at 6 p.m. Pacific/9 p.m. Eastern on CamSoda.