Adds 'Guided Masturbation for Women' Section to Site

NEW ENGLAND—Women-geared adult site announced Wednesday that it has added a new “Guided Masturbation for Women” section to its members area, coinciding with the ongoing celebration during May of Masturbation Month.

Working with John Eros and several other voice artists, Sssh's new offering is an audio series designed to inspire “the same arousal as an in-person teasing session, with whispers of eroticism to help further coax your fantasies from deep within,” as Eros describes the recordings.

“Creating a little haven for female self-pleasure and exploration has always been my goal,” Eros continues. “I hope listening to these may allow you to relax and focus solely on your own longings, to experiment with the limits of your pleasure. Let your imagination wander—your fingers will soon follow.”

"I'm thrilled to have this opportunity to collaborate with such a talented and creative artist" Sssh owner Angie Rowntree states.

Eros has been creating audio, visual and written erotica since 2012 under the PleasureTorture banner. The exploration of female pleasure has always been one of his many passions, which is why working with is an ideal fit. Hailing from the U.K., he is an avid music lover and cat enthusiast. 

Rowntree noted that the new guided masturbation collection is part of a larger upgrade made to the site’s members area, including a custom-built platform designed to offer Sssh members “a more rewarding, interactive and high tech experience.”

“I'm always looking to innovate, whether that means taking chances in my filmmaking, or upgrading and enhancing the site,” Rowntree said. “I take into consideration member feedback, as well as the latest technology and design trends. 

Rowntree said the addition of the guided masturbation collection reinforces the fact that while she might be primarily known as a director, there’s much more to than her movies.

“I take great pride in the fact offers compelling sex postive adult entertainment and stimulating erotica of all kinds,” Rowntree concluded. “Among our offerings are original movies and erotic fiction, audio features, and of course our very popular sex education series. This is a reflection of the diverse and sophisticated tastes of our members and fans.”