Squeeze Play in NY Kink Club Leads to Near-Death

NEW YORK – A so-called submissive is barely holding onto life after a freak accident in a New York City City bondage club, according to the New York Post. There are probably worse ways to go, but few as potentially embarrassing.

The victim, identified only as "Roger," was discovered by a dominatrix at the Nutcracker Suite located at East 33rd Street, according to the Post. The unidentified dominatrix called 911 and reported that a hooded man was hanging by his arms and turning blue in one of the club's dungeons.

The Post report states that "Roger" was found wearing nipple clamps, a dog collar and women's high-heeled shoes. The paper also reported that the man had his hands cuffed behind his back.

Following his discovery, "Roger" was taken to St. Vincent's Hospital and put on a respirator. It is believed that he suffered brain damage as a result of oxygen deprivation.

According to the Post, the police have been hampered by the code of silence that permeates the bondage underworld. The paper indicated that authorities are using the man's MetroCard to attempt to identify his movements and identity.

The paper noted that the mistress with whom he had been working, 30-year-old Taki Noriko of Williamsburg, told police that she suspended "Roger" just enough to make him uncomfortable, but noted that his feet were in contact with the floor. She told the Post, "It was an accident."

The Post also noted that it was "Roger's" fantasy to be trussed up and left alone.

Noriko claimed she checked on the victim every 20 minutes. The first time she checked, he was fine, but on the second inspection, she saw that he had somehow slipped out of one of his shoes and was going cyanotic.

The Post indicated that Noriko, several other mistresses and the club's manager were taken in for questioning, but that no charges have been filed.

The paper also noted that S&M activities are not illegal, but that the state penal code could allow that that the parties involved be charged with anything from assault to manslaughter should "Roger" die.

The club is located near the famed Empire State Building, and has operated for more than a decade. It was also the subject of a short documentary called "Paradise Bound," which played at the 1996 Sundance Festival.

Among the activities the club lists on its website are candle-wax dripping, electrostimulation, bondage, role play and flogging. No mention of accidental asphyxia, though. Sessions cost $185 an hour and are by appointment only.