SpookyCash Launches SpookyBlog

Blue Blood’s SpookyCash has launched a hosted blog – SpookyBlog – with professional writing and photography that harnesses the power of Really Simple Syndication (RSS).

SpookyCash affiliates already have been emailed their personalized standard refcodes for linking to SpookyBlog and their specific SpookyBlog feed code. SpookyCash affiliates are given the option of promoting with a simple text link or banners, or affiliates can get the benefit of distributing their refcodes through RSS technology.

The high-end feed technology means that if a surfer visits SpookyBlog through an affiliate link and adds the blog’s feed to a syndication reader such as FeedDemon or Netnewswire, then the affiliate refcode is preserved forever in the surfer’s feed reader. That means affiliates even get paid for sites the surfer joins off syndicated posts years in the future. Bookmarks, of course, save the refcode too.

There are no leaks in the new SpookyBlog tool. Just like the SpookyCash hosted affiliate TGP SpookyTGP.com, every link carries the refcode forward and leads to a possible sale.

SpookyCash affiliates also can use the new feed codes to incorporate SpookyBlog posts in their own blogs. Automatic blog updates leave them free to concentrate on traffic. They even can create a feed using their affiliate feed code in many of the popular blogging services and then promote users adding that affiliate-coded feed to their regularly viewed aggregator “friends” pages.