SpookyCash Adds SinIsHer.com

Goth-themed content providers Blue Blood announced the addition of voyeur site SinIsHer.com to the SpookyCash program.

"I'm thrilled to have joined the best of the dark side with Blue Blood's SpookyCash program," SinIsHer.com host Shannon told AVNOnline.com. "Talk about some wicked naughty company!"

"Being a voyeur myself, it gets me so worked up thinking of all these eyes on me," she continued. "I love showing my members just how far I can take it."

SinIsHer.com is designed to convert gothic, amateur, fetish, and hardcore traffic for Webmasters promoting SpookyCash sites. The site offers a variety of new sales tools as well, including free hosted galleries, picture of the day, and banners. There are also a new picture of the day for XXXVampireSex.com and more than 30 new hosted galleries.