Sofia Zaragoza Launches Production Studio

LOS ANGELES—Argentinean performer and producer Sofia Zaragoza has announced the launch of her own production studio, Zaragoza Studios Productions.
“I’m incredibly excited to launch Zaragoza Studios Productions and bring a new perspective to adult films,” Zaragoza said. “By involving fans and everyday people in our productions, we can create genuine content that resonates more deeply with viewers. It’s about capturing real moments and emotions, which is something I believe the industry needs more of.”
Zaragoza Studios Productions aims to break down the barriers between performers and viewers, offering an immersive experience that feels intimate and real. The studio's productions will focus on a variety of themes and genres, and by prioritizing the inclusion of fans and "regular" people, the studio will highlight the diversity of human experiences and showcase a range of perspectives and stories to resonate with a wide audience as an alternative to traditional adult movies.
The studio is already gearing up for its first round of productions, with Zaragoza actively engaging with her fan base to identify participants and collaborators for upcoming projects.
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