SMG Picks Up Purrrfect Video for Distribution

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. — Purrrfect Video Productions, the studio behind Real XXX Letters and Girls Playing, has signed an exclusive distribution deal with SMG Video.

Purrrfect owner Frank Bongiorno, a 38-year industry veteran, previously distributed the company's releases on his own, but decided to hand over those responsibilities to SMG in order to refocus his energy on directing new titles.

"This deal was just waiting to happen," said Bongiorno. "Purrrfect Video and SMG have been doing business for eight years. Relieving myself of sales and distribution duties is really going to take my movies to the next level. Add to that SMG's dominance in the lesbian DVD market, and the possibilities are exciting."

SMG also handles domestic distribution for noted lesbian fare producer Viv Thomas, and recently brought on Triangle Films, as well, both under its LezLove Video banner. The first Purrrfect Video titles to be released under the new partnership will be Real XXX Letters 11 and Girls Playing 4.

"People know that if they are thirsty for real sex, SMG is the place to come," said Bongiorno. "With SMG salesman Nate, I finally feel like I have someone capable of moving my titles with the same passion and success as I have."

For more information, e-mail Bongiorno at [email protected], and for sales inquiries, contact Nate at (818) 346-5558 ext. 19.