Smash Tops UK VOD Chart With <i>Secretary's Day</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Smash Pictures' niche hit Secretary's Day is a #1 hit in England according to the online chart for British VOD site Strictly Broadband.

"As the UK's largest VOD site, our audience is largely British, and overall, British titles tend to outsell American ones," Strictly Broadband rep Jerry told AVN. "However, we recently published Secretary's Day from Smash, and it's been sitting in our #1 slot for over a week now. This is a great title for sure, but we're still not quite sure why it's outselling everything else on our site! Regardless, this is great news for Smash, and we'll be publishing more of their new titles to Strictly Broadband as they arrive."

Smash Pictures sales VP Stuart Wall told AVN that he is thrilled with the news, noting that he takes a very careful approach to selling Smash titles on VOD.

"I'm always reluctant to sign VOD deals outside of the US," said Wall. "It's so hard to track, it turns into a trust issue. This is why I've narrowed our VOD deals down to just the top 6 based in the US. I've been approached with VOD deals from as far away as Sweden and Asia, and I've declined them all. Strictly Broadband is our only rep for all of Europe for VOD."

Secretary's Day caters to the office-sex fetish with a top-notch cast led by Lindsay Meadows.

Smash has come out strong this year with a catalog of specialized lines offering gonzo sex with a niche-oriented twist. The company's well-cast MILF line Cheating Housewives nabbed an AVN Award in January,and Wall expects the success to continue with a new spinoff series, The Mother Lode.

Wall also revealed to AVN that a well-known porn director will be coming on board to shoot the next Cheating Housewives in November. Expect a top-notch cast of XXX stars.

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