Smash Pictures Offers New Shelf-Talkers

This month, Smash Pictures will begin shipping new shelf-talker displays designed to raise the studio's retail profile.

"It's a win-win marketing plan for ourselves, our distributors and the stores," said Smash VP Stuart Wall. "In today's oversaturated market, to stand out and individualize your studio name by branding your studio logo is key. When a customer is shopping for which porn they want to rent or buy, this will steer them into the aisle devoted to our studio."

While the term 'shelf-talker' might remind some consumers of the old talking video box for Frank Henenlotter's cult classic Frankenhooker, the displays are actually modeled on the signs marking off various sub-categories in chain stores such as Blockbuster. The displays will be available free of charge for all Smash customers who request them.

"I saw this start in mainstream video stores, where they would have sections devoted to favorite actors and actresses," Wall said. "When chain stores shared their feedback with us at this year's AVN expo, a lot of them said, 'We'll re-stock your entire library if you do these shelf-talkers.' At this stage, we're just doing the studio name, but we're hoping to break it down by female performers in the future."

The Smash library currently holds over 180 titles, including hot-selling niche series Whale Tail, Naughty Nanny and 2007 AVN award-winner Cheating Housewives.

Director Mike Metropolis will begin shooting the fourth Housewives installment next week with leading ladies Kristal Summers, Brianna Love, Nyomi Banxxx and Kylie Ireland. According to Wall, the fifth milf-a-licious lady in the cast is "a huge superstar making a surprise comeback."

For sales, contact Wall at (866) 772-7219, ext. 104, or e-mail [email protected]