Smash Pictures Lands UK DVD Distribution Deal

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Smash Pictures, Scala UK and Pabo, a Dutch mail-order catalog owned by the Beate Uhse chain, have inked a deal to distribute Smash Pictures titles in the U.K. and Europe.

"While attending the Venus Berlin show, the reputation that Scala has is top notch and while I was in the Frankfurt, Germany, airport I was amazed to see one of the Beate Uhse adult stores located right in the terminal," said Stuart Wall, vice president of Smash Pictures, which is known for the adult move series Secretary's Day, WhaleTail, Cheating Housewives and Teen Idol. "I also visited the Beate Uhse erotic museum while in Berlin too; these guys are everywhere, and this means good things for Smash Pictures."

The new agreement makes Scala Agenturen UK Ltd. the exclusive representative for new Smash Pictures titles to be distributed to adult stores and chains in the U.K.

"We're extending this deal to also include Scala as our reps into the Dutch mail order catalog called Pabo which is owned by Beate Uhse which will now have all of our latest Smash Pictures inventory fully stocked in their many stores," Wall said.

Scala's Clive Gore said, "Smash Pictures produces quality product, and when we met again in Berlin and discussed the arrangement it was clear this was a win-win opportunity for both companies in distributing new titles forward."