Skye Blue Steps Back in Front of the Camera

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—One of the pleasant surprises we found when covering the shoot for Melissa Monet's Mother Lovers Society 11 for Sweetheart Video was the cast, and in particular, a face we hadn't seen having sex in front of the camera for several years: director Skye Blue.

Blue is a 20-year veteran of the adult industry, and for the better part of the 1990s and early 2000s, she appeared in over 200 girl/girl features, often with her longtime partner Summer Cummings. But then she started getting directing jobs, for BDSM companies Bon Vue and Bizarre Video, then for the short-lived Jill Kelly Productions, which opened the door to her working for several other companies like Wicked Pictures, Penthouse, Playgirl, Sex Z Pictures, Big Top Video and her own company, Platinum Blue Productions.

So why, we had to ask, was she now returning to performing? Were directing jobs drying up?

"Well, I am getting consistent directing work, pretty much, so it's not as if I'm hard up for something to do," she chuckled. "I work pretty consistently with Adam & Eve, and since Penthouse has started back up, I have several projects in the pipe for them coming up soon. I've also done a couple of sex educational pieces for a company out of Canada; they're specifically internet-based and they don't have DVD presence or any other mobile or television or cable, and they're called Gabrielle Moore. I did a pretty nice project with them a couple of months ago with Tori Black; she was the host of it."

"So Melissa [Monet] shot me a text out of the blue and she said, 'I heard through the grapevine that you might be open for doing a scene,'" she continued. "And I said, 'Well, that depends: Who for and who with?' And she told me, and I just thought, 'What the heck; I'd like to come out and play on the playground for a little while.'"

And how much playing does she intend to do?

"The industry is different as a performer," she responded. "Today was fun; I worked with Jessie Andrews; she towered over me; she's about a foot and a half taller than I am. I was on my tiptoes the whole time. I have cramps in my calves from being up on my tiptoes, not just from the scene with her, but from the stills, too; I was all up on my tiptoes. But it was fun. I was actually a little bit nervous because that is only the second scene I've done in probably 12 years. The other scene I did was a few years ago with Diana Doll for Penthouse.

And how was that scene with Jessie?

"Jessie was very, very sweet and she's got a big-time naughty streak in her. She pinned me down with her—she's got legs like a spider; she's got long legs and she pinned my left leg down and I couldn't move. She was like, 'Un-uh, you're not goin' anywhere,' and I was like, 'All right, little girl, come on—gimme what you got,' so that was fun."

Fun enough that we're likely to see more of her performances on-screen?

"I have a few pictures up with 101 Modeling; I haven't booked any work through them, but they might come through—and again, it all depends on who it's for and who it's with," she explained. "I've known Bud Lee for so many years, since he was with the Lee Agency—he was the Lee Agency—and so I just felt pretty comfortable with him, but I don't have any movies lined up right now as a performer—but I have about eight movies lined up as a director, which is nice because since Playgirl stopped producing in 2010, I haven't done a whole lot. I did do some stuff for Wicked; I actually launched Wicked Passions, so I did their first four movies, and then, due to the changes in the business and budget and contract girls and having them to fulfill, they kind of started doing the Wicked Passions in-house, and Stormy Daniels is doing it, and you know, there's no other better person next to me to do it than Stormy. And then, I've been doing some great stuff with Adam & Eve.

"But my main interest in the business is still directing," she continued. "I think also, I have a pretty big fan base. I've done some live webcasts a few times and I've done a few things with Summer Cummings as well. We were inducted into the Legends of Erotica in Las Vegas earlier this year. That was very, very fun. We had our hands put in cement. It was great being able to acknowledge what an absolute marvelous wonderful person she has been in my life and what a huge impact she made. We go back a long ways. Christian Mann was there, and it was funny; he was talking about one of the scenes that she and I had done for him years ago, in Hello Norma Jean, but yes, I thought that I wanted to come out and play a little bit, perhaps get back in touch with my fan base somewhat."

Blue is also toying with getting back on the feature-dancing circuit.

"I got a call from a booking agency back East called Centerfold Strip," she revealed. "I guess they kind of took over where Eleanor Bucci from Universal Entertainment left off, and I talked to Eleanor about six months ago or so—I love her; she's just a fabulous woman. She said one thing to me and Summer once that I'll never forget—because Summer and I used to do these really big, elaborate stage shows and she says, 'I got you a booking in New York at Runway 69,' and I'm like, 'Eleanor, that stage is like five feet long and two-and-a-half feet wide; how are we supposed to do our shows on there?' And she says, 'What do you care, if you gotta dance one-legged on a matchbox cover? You're goin' to New York!' God love her, she was the best."

Blue's first gigs in her return to the stage were in North Carolina last month, and she's ready for more—but her first love remains directing.

"Penthouse hired me; I'm shooting some of their 3D projects, and up and coming on the plate is a little series I've titled Cougars and Cubs, so we were shooting that, and I also did an Asian themed all-girl called Asian Sorority Sex Club. There's 11 girls in that movie, and that was a lot of fun, so between the two movies, it was about four days of shooting. Penthouse is great."