Sky Pierce Gets 'Nassty' With Little Caprice in EU

LOS ANGELES—Canadian star Sky Pierce made the most of her first business trip to Europe, getting "Nassty" on along the way.

Sky connected with the three-time AVN International Female Performer of the Year Little Caprice in the Czech Republic for two scenes—a threeway with her and Max Dior for the NasstyX series that debuts Saturday; and a public boff with Caprice’s husband Marcello Bravo for the Streetfuck line that is available to view now.

“I was just super excited because I had been talking to Little Caprice and Marcello for quite a few years now, so I was finally able to get out there,” Pierce tells AVN.


Pierce first met the couple during her first trip to the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in January 2020 in Las Vegas—so their scene collaborations were almost three years in the making.

“I remember us choosing our outfits and I think mine was orange and hers was yellow,” Sky recalls. “Honestly, I was kind of star-stuck. I always wanted to work with her and I was finally there and it was finally happening.

“And Marcello was the one directing it and he did all the photos and Max is an amazing performer; he was super fun and easy to work with.

“Plus there was a funny story to the scene—I was convincing Caprice to cheat on her husband.”

Pierce rode a bus from Prague, Czech Republic to Brno, where Bravo picked her up and drove her to the shoot location about 30 minutes away. After spending a night in a hotel, Pierce performed with Bravo for the public sex site, Streetfuck, the next morning.

“He’s a very good performer, very strong,” Pierce, who started her career in early 2019 has amassed more than 175 credits, continues. “Especially since it was outdoors with the different weird angles. It was very fun getting into different positions with him.”

“Oh my god the Streetfuck was amazing,” Little Caprice tells AVN. “It was traffic on the road so she suck already 10 minutes in the car and Marcello can’t stop somewhere, so he park finally on the side of the road because our Streetfuck is always one take!

“We don’t stop the cam or cut. This makes that series super real. They had great sex in the car and in front of the car. He bondage her with the seatbelts and her spreading her legs. I guess Sky never did this crazy stuff. And we made also great pictures on the road when she shows her boobs and pussy.”


Later that same day, Pierce squared off with the veteran stud Dior and Caprice—under the direction of Bravo.

“It’s so nice when you work with another girl who actually likes to work with girls—you can just tell—and it makes the scene way better,” Sky says.

“And with Marcello directing, he has a very good eye and was very particular.”

Little Caprice agreed.

“We were on fire,” Caprice says. “And we had a great connection. We both had two orgasms and Marcello create a nice storyboard.”


Pierce spent six weeks going back and forth between Budapest, Hungary and Prague, Czech Republic in the fall, arriving in the EU in late September and returning to her home in Kelowna, British Columbia, in early November.

Represented by Foxxx Modeling in America and JulModels in EU, Pierce shot every day she was there when she wasn’t traveling.

In addition to seeing Little Caprice, she completed scenes for multiple scenes for MetArt, SexArt, DDF, Virtual Taboo, LetsDoeIt and Immoral Productions.

“I’m looking forward to going back,” Sky says, noting she already is planning to return in April for a month.

“I love traveling and wanted to shoot for different companies and see how well I would do out there.”

Pierce says the differences between shooting in EU and America were significant. For example, she found there was less scripted material in EU because of various language barriers. Plus it wasn’t uncommon for the crews to include professionals who all spoke different languages.

“I used the translator on my phone every day,” Pierce says.

Getting call sheets before scenes is not the standard in EU, she adds.

"I found it very different in Europe, but I thought it was cool."


Pierce attended her second in-person AVN Show since her career started in January in Las Vegas, signing at the AVN and Foxxx Modeling booths during the week before presenting two awards at the 40th annual AVN Awards Show on January 7.

“I was a little nervous because I couldn’t read the teleprompter, but I really loved it,” Pierce says. “I loved presenting with Leah Gotti and Oliver [Flynn]… I had met Oliver before, but I had never met Leah.”

Once she found out she would be presenting Pierce scrambled to find the perfect evening gown—choosing a sparkly, deep blue dress that stood out on stage and on the red carpet.

“I’ve never worn like a long dress before,” Sky jokes. “I remember being a little bit nervous about that and thinking OK, as long as you don’t trip…"

Pierce picked up her dress at the tailor the day before she flew to Las Vegas.

“I don’t know if I would’ve bought that dress if I wasn’t presenting,” Sky admits. “Since I live in a small city in Canada there wasn’t a whole lot of options and I had to go to a bridal store to find a dress. I tried on lots of them. 

“... The show was super fun. I felt like I was paired with such good people. It was all like a blur. It all happened so fast.”

Overall, Pierce says it was great to be back at AVN in person.

“It was so nice seeing everyone again and all the familiar faces,” Sky says. 




Photography by Marcello Bravo