SkinTight Pictures Release Their First Gonzo: <i>Army of Ass</i>

Best known for quirky specialty videos such as Milf Money and Chunky on the Fourth of July, this year’s AVN Award winner in the Best Specialty – Other category, SkinTight Pictures are headed in a new direction – gonzo.

Their latest offering is Army of Ass. As the title indicates Army of Ass is an all-anal series, the first “mainstream porn” line for SkinTight, with performers that were neither considered older or bigger than porn norms.

Cram and Grip Johnson, the owners of SkinTight, are excited about the possibilities of “free blowjobs from hot, cheap, coked-up whores.”

“It feels great to use the kind of chicks we actually fuck in our personal lives,” notes Cram Johnson, though has not been able to confirm that neither Johnson has ever had sex of any sort – although admittedly, we didn’t delve too deep for obvious reasons.

“It’s true,” explains Grip Johnson “This is our chance to work with hot whores. You think we’re gonna fuck that up? Hell no! This is gonna be the best anal series ever lensed! It has to be.”

Under the false impression that such contracts were enforceable, the SkinTight producers required all of their performers to sign medical waivers freeing producers from any financial responsibility that might have arisen due to severe anal trauma while on set.

While the Johnsons have yet to be sued and have their houses repossessed, the performers in the video offered testimony that indicates that they did indeed give, or rather, take their best during their performances on the set of Army of Ass.

Holly Day, one of the performers, said “I may have to wear diapers for the rest of my life, but at least I know I gave an AVN nom-worthy performance.”

Other performers for the video include Venus, Olivia Saint, Sharon Wild. And some guys.

One thing that is certain about Army of Ass – it’ll put a smile on your face. Unless you are the politically correct type.

The initial volume of Army of Ass is already in stores. Titles from SkinTight Pictures are distributed by Legend Video. For more info call (818) 734-4200 and ask for sales.